"Moulin Rouge" at Stuffed Buffalo Productions

September 2016. The greatest thing I ever learned was just to do this show and let this show do me in return.

This will forever be among my favorite experiences in my life ever forever like whoa.

In the role of Christian, I sang and improvised my way through the beloved Luhrmann film, employing a half-scottish-half-generic-ingenue impression of Ewan McGregor. I was given incredible leeway to improvise and interact with the audience. Nightly, as the cast amassed in the event space across the hall from the Buffalo Room—or when the event space was in use, cramming ourselves into the actual kitchen of the adjoining Westport Flea Market Bar and Grill—there was a tangible electricity in the air. The Bohemian ideals of Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Love were attendant muses, mainlining passion and energy directly to our hearts the moment we entered the building. 

I was given such an opportunity to improve my singing voice during these productions (the show was mounted for a weekend, then remounted for a week-long run by popular demand), studying with unbelievably-legit opera tenor Ben Gulley.

I couldn't possibly list everyone who won my heart during this process, but if you really stalk the photos, you'll see a few future-collaborators in the mix.