Black Box Acting: B1

Last day of class got messy af. I was writing on the wall in icing. My colleague was rubbing dirt on his arms and legs. People were throwing fruit at each other. Somehow we were also learning how to act better.

I heard classes at Black Box had the potential to be breakthrough-level dope, and I said "sign me up." (Well actually I had to sign myself up because my administrative assistant is on a pregnancy vacation).

🖕🏼blackbox tradition🖕🏼

oh also i broke that table

This class had me feeling like a total acting novice in the best way. It's really good at rubbing your nose in your defense mechanisms until you decide you're more afraid of living with regrets than you are of telling the truth. I had to keep reminding myself it wasn't therapy, cuz it got pretty personal.

Some people swear by this training, some people don't. I think I loved it, but time will tell.

The instructors, Amanda Fink and Kelly O'Sullivan were just absolute dreams in my book. Incisive and supportive, caring and tough as nails; they were snipers and loan sharks and surgeons and mothers all at the same time. I don't mean that metaphorically: they actually have to work all those jobs. It's a tough business.

Planning to sign up for the next level as soon as my schedule allows.